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Questions and answers

Answers to frequently asked questions

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How do I start using my mobile wallet?

You can register a Bloomzed wallet in just a few minutes. You need to download your wallet according to your device’s system on Google Play or App Store, specify your mobile phone number after installation, and enter the confirmation code received via SMS. Please note that the phone number must be registered to you.

Why do I need identification?

Customer identification is necessary to confirm your identity and protect the system from fraudsters and intruders. Identification removes transfer and transaction limits and unlocks the full range of Bloomzed features for you!

How to top up your Bloomzed wallet?

You can replenish your Bloozmed wallet in several ways:

Replenishment via Kassa24 terminals

By transfer from any card of any bank in Kazakhstan in Bloomzed mobile app.

To request a transfer from another Bloomzed user via QR or bank transfer.

What should I do if the money is not received after topping up my wallet?

Such an incident is solved by contacting our support service. You can contact us via Telegram and WhatsApp, email, or just call us at


+7 (727) 345-41-91.

Are there any restrictions on replenishing my wallet?

There is a limit only for unidentified users and is 50 MCI (145,850 tg) - for one operation, for identified users there are no limits on deposits.

Are there any limits (restrictions) on the balance of electronic money in your wallet?

The maximum balance on an electronic wallet for unidentified clients is no more than 291,000 tenge (100 MCI), for identified users there are no restrictions.

Are there restrictions on a single transaction and operations during the day?

The maximum balance on an electronic wallet for unidentified users is 291,000 tenge (100 MPI), for identified users there are no restrictions.

How to withdraw funds to the card?

Money transfer from the purse to your bank card is prohibited to unidentified users, identified users - no more than 500 MCI (1,458,500 tg) one-time operation (the requirements of the issuing bank)

What confirmation will I get when adding to the account?

Replenishment via card: after successful operation you will receive bank confirmation in the form of a check (which we recommend you to keep) Replenishment via terminal: after completing the transfer via terminal, confirmation as well will be in the form of a check; on the terminal screen or in the form of a printout.

Where can I find out the details of my wallet?

The wallet details are your phone number.