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What does the title “Bloomzed” mean?

The phrase “Bloomzed” consists of two parts:

Modern young people actively use tablets, 3D- and VR-reality, therefore, often the “generation Z” is synonymous with the concept of “digital man”. The young generation is interested in technology and science; it is assumed that many of its representatives will be engaged in robotic engineering, biomedicine, engineering and technical issues. Scientists consider that people of generation Z will also tend to a healthy lifestyle, appreciate art, be able to economically and rationally dispose of available resources.

Representatives of generation Z are children of the people of the borderline generation Y-Millennium, less often – X. For generation Z, what their parents called as “technologies of the future” or “new technologies” has already become a reality. In fact, this is the first true digital generation. Their parents are called “digital immigrants”, because such technologies were not in their childhood. Now the Internet has become universally available, which is facilitated by the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other similar gadgets. Generation Z was the first to be born completely in the era of postmodernism and globalization. Therefore, the meaning of the word “Bloomzed” stands for “the blossom of generation Z”.

What is Bloomzed?

By definition, Bloomzed is a high-tech software solution that has an open API and consists of a large number of software blocks that are integrated into a unified system. The Bloomzed unified system is designed to provide an easy connection of any technological solution, to manage both individual blocks and the whole system. The system is built, so that individual settings, disabling, updating, editing, extending capabilities and other options are available to us without stopping and/or slowing down the system as a whole.

What are you doing?

We are developing, buying and modifying technologies to create reliable, universal and the most convenient financial services which allow users around the world to become free, to improve their prosperity, and to be confident and sure of the safety of their capital.

How can I contact you?

Write to,

What is the Bloomzed ecosystem that you create? What does it incorporate?

A platform, that combines technological software solutions from different areas to create reliable and most convenient financial services. Services are integrated into the ecosystem with a single entry point through the Bloomzed account. The ecosystem combines the services of payment, money transfers, investment and deposits, banking, storage of documents and information, loyalty, insurance, e-commerce, ordering and much more. In addition, we have been planning developing a personal assistant with artificial intelligence, which will simplify the adoption of financial decisions.

Does the ecosystem of Bloomzed include only Your services?

At the first stage - yes. In the future, we are planning to expand the infrastructure and integrate third-party services into the ecosystem. In addition, the Bloomzed team is constantly working on the search and development of new technologies and services, which will be presented to users as soon as possible.

What do Bloomzed project users receive?

Users of the Bloomzed system receive a convenient tool for conducting daily payment transactions using a smartphone, as an analogue of bank cards and cash. Using of this application minimizes the inconvenience caused by the need to carry cash, several cards (payment, discount, loyalty, etc.), as well as perform a number of operations to use the cards / funds listed (withdraw cash, find an ATM, replenish the card, exchange bills, exchange currencies, etc.).

Often, consumers are faced with situations when the terminal or ATM does not work, the card has restrictions on the amount of payment or cashing, the card is forgotten at home and so on. As for loyalty programs from commercial companies, many consumers refuse them. Firstly, it is inconvenient to carry cards with you; Secondly, information about the amounts of discounts, the amount of bonuses or accumulated points is not always available.

Having developed Bloomzed system, the initiator of the project offers consumers a modern smart solution that will become a reliable and convenient assistant in everyday payment transactions.

What is unique about your ecosystem? Why is it needed?

The peculiarity of the Bloomzed project is that it is not just an idea written in White Paper, which we want to realize, but is a ready-made solution that includes a lot of technological products and services that have proven their efficiency not only in tests, but also in the real life practical application. Each separate product, which is included in the overall Bloomzed ecosystem, operates in different countries under different brands as a separate solution or service. Also, it has demonstrated successful indicators, both from the technical side and from the commercial one.

We integrated the most demanded and trending financial management solutions for individuals and legal entities into a single Bloomzed ecosystem, supplementing them with auxiliary services.

The peculiarity and uniqueness of the Bloomzed project is in the set of technologies and software solutions used in the creation of financial ecosystem with a single access application. The project does not have alternatives in terms of technological capabilities blended in a single product.

Our system is not just a service aggregator. It is designed to attain our key mission of making the financial universe accessible to everyone. We forecast the following results:

  1. Increasing the actual financial solvency of the user due to an intelligent system of the financial assistant that helps to plan and allocate expenses adequately, optimize spending by obtaining bonuses, discounts, cashbacks, and increase savings through effective investment tools recommended by AI-assistant.

  2. Every user with a minimum capital gets access to the same financial instruments as large investors and users via ownership of digitized assets.

  3. Selection of relevant financial proposals - the most profitable offers from around the world market on the basis of a user's request, taking into account his personal financial history, allows the user to maximize his income and get unique financial instruments, even with a minimum level of financial literacy.
How will the single access point function?

Each user receives an access to all services of the ecosystem through a single Bloomzed account with end-to-end user authentication. You do not need to register in several services, having an account in Bloomzed you get access to hundreds of services and technologies in one application.

How will the AI - Assistant work?

Users, depending on their personal behavior in the Bloomzed project (Big Data collection) will start receiving customized offers for investment and optimization of expenses through the AI - Assistant in accordance with their request.

AI-assistant is an analogue of search systems in the field of finance. The user forms his request or task. AI-assistant scans offers from the world markets and selects a solution that will maximize revenue and optimize the user's expenses. The system regularly evaluates the profitability of the decisions made by the user in the current market conditions and signals if the user could get more profitable solutions at the given point in time.

The users can initiate three types of requests to the system:

  1. The user exactly knows his needs and autonomously operates the services provided by the system;

  2. The user knows the type of solution and looks for the best offer for: deposit, loan, bitcoin rate, purchase of goods or services, etc.

  3. The user only knows the preferred result: for example, he wants to increase savings from $100 to $300. In this case, the system offers the user a number of options with predicted deadlines for achieving the goal and a risk assessment in %. Also, the system suggests the user to construct a portfolio of several options, where the user sets the parameters for the "term" and "risks"
What is your target audience?

We would like to create the most complete set of convenient tools for those customers who already use crypto-currencies, as well as to attract new users to the crypto-universe. As the next development stage, we see the creation of services for low-income customers from developing countries.

The target audience of Bloomzed is the category of people who have a smartphone. According to a consumer survey conducted by Computer Services Inc. in May 2016 in the United States, people with an age of 18 to 34 years, that is, the most active users of smartphones, are particularly interested in applying mobile wallet technologies. There are following segments of potential product consumers:

Bloomzed's target audience includes people of working age who independently earn a living, value their time, know how to choose the most profitable ways of using money. In addition to the above categories, the following groups of people attracts special interest as potential clients:

The above segments are the target capacity of the Bloomzed market, for which the project will compete with companies offering similar products.

How long have you been living?

In 2013, Elchin Suleimanov created the company “Rocket – A Lab” in Kazakhstan. The basic area of its activity is the search, purchase, development, integration, improvement, implementation of diverse software solutions for individuals and businesses. The products and tools collected by the company operate in the following main areas:

For more than 4 years, the company has been developing the Bloomzed project, as well as the systems and technologies integrated in this service. Universal mobile solution “Bloomzed” is a powerful payment instrument with which you can buy goods and services in offline and online space, make money transfers using a smartphone.

The key work on the assembly and testing of the main ecosystem of the Bloomzed project was completed in 2017. Currently, test and integration work is carried out with partner organizations (banks, agents, international transfer systems, merchants, payment systems) in Russia and Kazakhstan. The test launch of the Bloomzed project is scheduled for the second - third quarter of 2018. г."

What is a security log?

The security log shows the list of devices that were used to log in your account and detailed information about your previous entries. We recommend that you regularly check this list to prevent any suspicious activity.

What is the whitelist IP?

The ""White List IP"" option helps to increase the security of your account, which allows you to block access to your account from undefined IP addresses. If this option is enabled, access to your account will only be available on devices with IP addresses that you have added to your IP whitelist.

Can I use the currency of my country in the Bloomzed wallet?

In 2018, the Bloomzed system will support Russian rubles and Kazakhstan tenge, in the second quarter of 2018, two more currencies will be added, the US dollar and Euro. Turkish lira will be added in the fourth quarter of 2018, the remaining currencies will be added as the Bloomzed project appears in a particular country.

How can I deposit money into my Bloomzed wallet?

On the Bloomzed wallet, you can deposit cash in several ways:

How can I withdraw money from my Bloomzed wallet?

The withdrawal of money from the Bloomzed wallet can be carried out in the following ways:

The withdrawal of money from the Bloomzed wallet can be carried out in the following ways:

How can I verify my identity in a Bloomzed account?

To access the verification process for your account, you must first provide your personal information and company information (if you are registering a business account). To verify your personal account, you need to verify your identity, home address, email address and phone number. If you are applying for verification of a business account, you must additionally confirm your company's credentials. All verification steps could be obtained through Identification section of your Bloomzed account after providing your personal information.

How is my identity confirmed?

To complete the registration of your account, you need to confirm your identity by downloading one of these documents as a personal identification (POI) in User Identification section of your account. As your POI, you need a valid state-issued document with a full name, date of birth, photo and date of issue of the document or the validity period. The following documents can be used as your POI:

The company reserves the right to request an additional package of documents or to require a personal presence in the identification center of your city.

What are the requirements for uploading documents?

Requirements for uploading documents:

How can I confirm my email?

The Bloomzed system will send a one-time code to your email address to check it at the time of registration or making edits. Enter this code in the required field and click the "Confirm" button. If you have not received the code yet, check the spam folder. You may request to resend the code by clicking the "Send code" button.

How can I confirm my phone number?

The Bloomzed system will send a one-time code to your phone number to check it at the time of registration or making edits. Enter this code in the required field and click the "Confirm" button. If you have not received the code yet, you can send it again by clicking the "Send code" button.

How long does it take to identify the user after confirming the identity by providing the required package of documents?

It all depends on where you live, usually in Russia and Kazakhstan, it takes several hours, if we encounter a high level of requests for checking new users, processing time can be increased and will take several days. If you have a delay, this does not mean that something is wrong with your verification request. Please be patient we will notify you of the result in your account.

Do I have to confirm my identity and go through full identification in the Bloomzed system?

No, you do not have to go through the full identification of your identity by providing all the necessary documents. You can use the mobile application and the web version of the Bloomzed system, just confirming your mobile phone number; such user in the system is defined as an unidentified user and has limited capabilities in the system. We recommend you undertake the complete identification procedure in order to enjoy the full advantage of features offered by Bloomzed.

Why should I go through the identification process and confirm my identity?

What is user identification?

Because of the rules of "KYC" (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundering laws, we need to know who you are and where you live. The more services you need, the more information we need to collect from you.

Note. If you use Bloomzed system exclusively as a crypto-currency wallet or a wallet with electronic money with limited capabilities, you do not need to send personal documents to confirm your identity.

Advantages of full identification with full confirmation of all data

Confirmation of your personality gives the following advantages:

  1. The possibility of using banking products (management of accounts, payment cards, bank and international transfers, payments using bank and card accounts, loan products, deposits and other banking products);

  2. Higher limits on payment limits and transfers;

  3. Withdrawal of funds to bank accounts and payment cards, receipt of cash in cash departments and ATMs, withdrawal of funds to the wallets of other systems and third parties;
  4. Access to insurance products;
  5. Access to the section "Investments"
  6. The ability to make purchases on the Internet in one click;
  7. Ability to register and authorize in one click;
  8. Ability to restore Bloomzed account in case of purse lock due to incorrect PIN code entry;
  9. Ability to restore the Bloomzed account when you forgot your password;
  10. Ability to block the wallet in case of losing of device;
And also access to many other services and features that are available only to fully identified users who have been fully authenticated by the identity and all data."
Where can I learn more about the project?

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