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  • E-commerce

    online commerce, online shops, online services

  • Supermarkets, hypermarkets, shops

    Foodstuffs, beverages, confectionary products, household chemicals

  • Auto

    Petrol stations, service stations, car parts, goods and services for cars and motorists.

  • Products/goods

    Office and household products, clothings, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, merchandise for kids

  • Beauty&Health

    beauty salons, fitness and sports centers, clinics, Dentistry, pharmacies, massage, spa services.

  • Recreation and Entertainment

    amusement parks, cinemas, active recreation, game clubs, karaoke, swimming pools

  • HoReCa

    Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs, canteens.

  • Education and training courses.

    kindergartens, learning, developmental and language courses, dance and vocal schools, learning to play musical instruments/ music school

  • Services

    Dry cleaners, ateliers, food delivery and goods, taxis, public transport, cleaning



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