History of Bloomzed

In 2013, Elchin Suleymanov created the company “Rocket – A Lab” in Kazakhstan. The basic area of its activity is search, purchase, development, integration, improvement, implementation of diverse software solutions for individuals and business. The products and tools collected by the company operate in the following main areas:

  • mobile technologies;
  • FinTech;
  • E-Commerce;
  • B2B and B2C software solutions;
  • payment technologies;
  • document control and management;
  • automation.

For more than 4 years, the company has been developing the Bloomzed project, systems and technologies included in this service. Universal mobile solution “Bloomzed” is a powerful payment instrument with which you can buy goods and services in offline and online space, make money transfers using a smartphone.

The key work on the assembly and testing of the main ecosystem of the Bloomzed project was completed in 2017. Currently, test and integration work is carried out with partner organizations (banks, agents, international transfer systems, merchants, payment systems) in Russia and Kazakhstan. The test launch of the Bloomzed project is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

Since Bloomzed is the main project and the product of “Rocket – A Lab”, it has been decided to change the name of the management company. Now it will also be called Bloomzed, which is why in the last quarter of 2017, the registration of the legal entity of NCO Bloomzed Russia LLC in Russia and the parent company Bloomzed Pte. Ltd. in Singapore was started. In the Kazakhstan market has also been re-registration of the legal entity in December 2017 with LLP «Rocket - A Lab» on «Bloomzed.kz» LLP .

In total, more than 300 people work in the companies that develop the Bloomzed project in Singapore, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. In addition, freelancers and outsourcing teams with a total number of 50-70 people are involved.

The idea of Bloomzed

The general idea of the project was to create a multifunctional universal AI assistant available on various gadgets and devices (tablets, terminals, Internet appliances, smartphones, ATMs, computers). Bloomzed is always available and will help you:

  • to manage all financial flows (incomes, expenses, transfers, payments);

  • to plan, invest, earn, save, receive loans and obtain financing.

Bloomzed works with all financial instruments that currently exist: payment cards, bank accounts, electronic wallets, international money transfer systems, cryptocurrencies, fiat currency, etc. This is one system that:

  • unites all your facilities which increases the convenience and efficiency of their management;

  • is reliably protected by advanced technologies, which increases financial security;

  • is easy to use, which allows you to start quickly using it.

Bloomzed is very easy to use that even a child can manage it without difficulty.

What does the title “Bloomzed” mean?

The phrase “Bloomzed” consists of two parts:

Modern young people actively use tablets, 3D- and VR-reality, therefore, often the “generation Z” is synonymous with the concept of “digital man”. The young generation is interested in technology and science; it is assumed that many of its representatives will be engaged in robotic engineering, biomedicine, engineering and technical issues. Scientists consider that people of generation Z will also tend to a healthy lifestyle, appreciate art, be able to economically and rationally dispose of available resources.

Representatives of generation Z are children of the people of the borderline generation YMillennium, less often – X. For generation Z, what their parents called as “technologies of the future” or “new technologies” has already become a reality. In fact, this is the first true digital generation. Their parents are called “digital immigrants”, because such technologies were not in their childhood. Now the Internet has become universally available, which is facilitated by the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other similar gadgets. Generation Z was the first to be born completely in the era of postmodernism and globalization. Therefore, the meaning of the word “Bloomzed” stands for “the blossom of generation Z”.

Key tasks of the Bloomzed projec

Development and acquisition of software products

Marketing activities to attract users.

Connecting the basic partners to the payment system.

Introduction of additional functions (microlending, loyalty system, travel services, delivery, booking tickets, etc.).

Organization of the payment system.

Recruitment and training of personnel

The goal of the Bloomzed company

The main goal of the Bloomzed project is to create a convenient tool for conducting daily payment transactions using a smartphone, as an analogue to bank cards and cash. Usage of this application minimizes the inconvenience caused by the need to carry cash, several cards (payment, discount, loyalty, etc.), as well as perform a number of operations to use the listed cards/funds (withdraw cash, find an ATM, replenish the card, exchange bills, exchange currencies, etc.).

Often, consumers are faced with situations when the terminal or ATM does not work, the card has restrictions on the amount of payment or cashing, the card is forgotten at home and so on. As for the loyalty programs from commercial companies, many consumers refuse them. First, it is inconvenient to carry cards with you; second, information about the sizes of discounts, the amount of bonuses or accumulated points is not always available.

Having developed the Bloomzed mobile service, the initiator of the project offers consumers a modern smart solution that will become a reliable and convenient assistant in everyday payment operations.

Competitive advantages of the bloomzed

The concept of our project takes into account not only the experience of leading market players, but also modern trends in the development of the sphere of electronic payments. Therefore, in order to ensure the competitiveness of Bloomzed, we are focusing on the following areas.

  • Provision of a large selection of additional non-financial services. This is reservation and booking tickets, insurance services, product delivery service from stores, etc. Bloomzed users also have access to microlending for current needs.

  • The technological relevance of the platform. The Bloomzed wallet uses all modern technologies from the sphere of mobile payments. This is NFC, USSD, QR, Bluetooth Smart, HCE.

  • Continuous work to improve the security of ongoing transactions. Information security of our project is provided by the following factors:
    • all financial transactions on the Bloomzed platform are protected with the modern technologies of data encryption;

    • electronic money can be cashed from partner agents (at bank counters, exchange offices, ATMs). You can also leave money on the Bloomzed account that has a deposit function (that is, interest is accrued for the accumulation);

    • all operations related to withdrawal of funds or authorization are confirmed by a dynamic SMS password (it comes to the phone number that the user has indicated when registering) and biometric data (voice, fingerprints, facial biometrics, eye retina);

    • agreements are concluded with the partners that provide for full responsibility for the fulfillment of information security requirements in accordance with the current legislation of the country where our project is present.
  • How We Do Business

    The launch of a payment platform in all countries of the world requires significant financial, human and temporary resources, as the business in this area is highly laborious and complex. In addition to the great competition from other payment systems, banks and financial companies, in order to launch a new service in a specific region, many, and in some cases, complicated registration procedures, obtaining licenses, permits, certain software and hardware and legal certifications and conclusions, passing various expert examinations are required. It also provides for the control of a large number of regulatory services.

    For a long-term stable presence in the world market as a successful brand working under the laws of each state separately, hundreds of millions of dollars, several years of hard work and a team of professionals in each of the regions where the activity is carried out will be needed. For a young company it is practically impossible task (especially in the short term and in the presence of competition with global players), even if it unites the best specialists. Therefore, the management of Bloomzed decided to develop the project on the franchise model.

    Our company independently develops the project in the states according to the planned scheme and at the same time helps in the development of its franchisees in those regions where it is physically unable to independently conduct activities due to the lack of financial or human resources. Currently, we are negotiating on markets that have not been originally planned to develop independently. In the near future, with a high probability, Bloomzed will appear under the guidance of our franchise partners and under the control of the parent company in the following countries: Germany, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

    The development of the Bloomzed project on the franchise model is carried out not only at the global level of one state, but also in individual cities where the company operates. The condition is the presence of a master franchise in this country who has all the licenses and permits, or there is the company itself with the full package of necessary documentation.

    What has already been done

    At the moment the Bloomzed software environment is fully completed. The initiating company has concluded contracts with banks of equities and issuers and with large agents. Personnel is being recruited, agreements with partners are being worked out. The analysis of the markets of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation is carried out and the actual legal requirements to payment organizations are studied. We are also constantly monitoring the current legislation that regulates the activities of such companies.

    We have worked out all the training materials and documents for cooperation with franchise-partners and the agreements with franchise-aggregators are signed. The negotiations on the implement of the project on the basis of a franchise model for working in the markets of the UAE, Germany, Georgia, Spain, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan are carried out.

    The preparatory measures are being carried out to launch the Bloomzed project in the Russian and Kazakh markets, which is planned for the first quarter of 2018. In particular, the beta version is being tested and the commercial operation platform is starting. The preparatory measures also include the development of a broad marketing campaign, the organization of technical support to ensure full-fledged stable functionality, and the development of additional services.

    Our plans for 5 years

    • Russia. The launch is scheduled for the 3nd - 4th quarter of 2019, there is an opportunity to order a franchise for a certain city.

    • Kazakhstan. The project will be launched in the 3-4 quarter of 2019, there is also the possibility of buying a franchise for the city.

    • Turkey. The launch is expected in the fourth quarter of 2019.

    • Southeast Asian countries. The launch is scheduled for 2020.

    • Latin America - 2021

    • Africa - 2022