Bloomzed Business Opportunities

The appeal of the Bloomzed application lies in the expanded distribution model, the accumulation of a variety of behavioral and transactional client data, which helps to make up the unified daily financial profile of the latter. In addition, permanent targeted interaction with the client is available through push-up notifications in the smartphone, which provides a unique opportunity to commercialize the customer database of the service.
Currently, the Bloomzed mobile wallet has the maximum functionality out of all similar products in the world market. The application provides users with wide opportunities in terms of not only electronic payments, but also comprehensive management of personal funds. Concepts for increasing the consumer appeal of the product are developed, which is achieved through the introduction of additional services (ticket booking systems, own loyalty program, microlending, insurance, travel services, etc.).

Characteristics of the Bloomzed software product

The Bloomzed Mobile wallet is a universal payment instrument, through which you can pay for services and goods in offline and online space and transfer money using a smartphone. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, the service takes into account the potential needs of smartphone owners according to data of international surveys conducted by, First Data Study “Mobile wallet - money on the go”, CMB Consumer Pulse Survey 2015. Based on this information, users are offered additional demanded services: access to credit facilities, the possibility of booking tickets, consolidated access to loyalty programs (combining of all discount cards, coupons, discount certificates in one application), the possibility of issuing gift certificates, etc.
The basic aspect of the Bloomzed application is the provision of transaction security, which is achieved through our own processing center, security systems of our emitting banks, MasterCard and Visa payment systems. Uninterrupted operation of the system is achieved through 24-hour technical support. Active development of a wide network of merchants is provided through the connection of API gateways. The Bloomzed payment system operates on the basis of HCE, NFC, QR.

Business tools from Bloomzed

Internet and mobile acquiring The Bloomzed Service provides the most complete set of secure tools that allow to accept payment in land-based sales outlets and on the Internet:

Auto payments

You will be able to accept payment by subscription or a subscription fee by connecting recurring payments. After that, regular payment will be made from the electronic wallet or bank card without the requirement to confirm the transfer by the owner. The system will automatically charge the payment according to a pre-agreed schedule. According to the rules, the interval between two payments should not exceed 1 year.

The buyer and the store agree in advance which services or goods will be provided during the validity period of the payment agreement through regular payments. The agreement can be the primary payment by the client, made in the usual way.

Payment by smartphone, using biometrics (scanning of the eye retina, fingerprint, identification of the face or voice)

Due to Bloomzed, your clients will be able to pay for any purchase with the help of their smartphone. Bank cards and cash are gradually becoming the past. They are effectively replaced by a mobile wallet, which allows to pay for services/goods with cryptocurrency, electronic money or with linked standard cards. In order to make payment, the client simply needs to have a smartphone that has the Bloomzed application installed.

How to pay for purchases through a smartphone?

Payments via smartphone using an external scanner:

  • the client should open his unique QR code in the electronic wallet and show it to the cashier;
  • the cashier reads the QR code using the scanner.

Payments via smartphone using the second smartphone:

  • the client should open his unique QR code in the electronic wallet and show it to the cashier (service provider, seller);
  • the cashier opens the application on his smartphone and reads the QR-code with the integrated scanner.

Payments via smartphone using an external QR code:

  • the client should open the built-in QR-scanner in the electronic wallet and scan the external QR-code from a specific product, print medium, TV screen or monitor;
  • information about the purchase through the server is transferred to the mobile wallet in the form of a receipt, in which there is a description of the product and its price.

How to pay?

• The data about the specific purchase and the corresponding receipt, in which the amount of payment is indicated, is transferred through the server to the screen of the electronic wallet of the client.

• The client chooses how he will pay for the product (with the help of a cryptocurrency, electronic means or linked card) and confirms the payment.

• Through the server, payment information is sent to the seller into the application, the order processing system or to the terminal screen, indicating the closing of the purchase.

Authorization and registration in one click

With Bloomzed, your clients will no longer have to go through tedious lengthy registration and authentication procedures, remember passwords and logins on web resources, fill out questionnaires for visiting various events (conferences, exhibitions, etc.), each time duplicating the same data about themselves. With the help of the Bloomzed mobile wallet all the above operations are carried out with one movement. In order to transfer the information that is required to start the service, the client simply needs to scan the QRcode on the site or at the service point.

Identification and authentication at conferences, exhibitions and seminars, in educational institutions, access to the workplace, access to e-mail, personal accounts on websites, electronic queue systems, etc. are carried out by scanning the QR code of the client with his smartphone. The client's QR code for scanning can also be provided so that all the identification information has been transferred to you.

Purchase of services and goods in one click

Due to Bloomzed your clients no longer need to enter data about themselves, their card, delivery address, etc., which will save them time and simplify the shopping process as much as possible. After completing purchases on the Internet, the client chooses the payment method using Bloomzed, after which the system automatically generates the QR code for the cost of the goods basket.

The user needs only to scan the generated code, so that the system will automatically transfer to the seller not only payment, but also contact information for communication with the buyer, delivery address and other data necessary for provision of services.

More information
about clients with the help
of WEB-passport

A WEB-passport is a space in the wallet, where all the necessary information about the user is stored. Data from such passport in a predetermined amount becomes automatically available to the owners of QR codes or scanners when reading the wallet QR code, or when scanning external QR codes.

Our system will automatically give you all the necessary information about the client along with the payment. It includes the phone number, delivery address, name, etc.

The WEB-passport can contain the following information:

Communication with clients

The Bloomzed mobile wallet provides not only minimal time from sending a message to its reading, but also provides almost unlimited opportunities for interactive communication in a chat or messenger, which is convenient and familiar for clients.

How does Bloomzed service work to communicate with clients

News. Through the news line, which is maintained in the mobile wallet, you will be able to inform clients about all useful and valuable goods and services for them. There is an option to sort news by month and publication, to accompany the most important messages with push notifications.
Push notifications. Use them if there is a need to inform the client about any news in online mode, for sending technical or service information. Push notifications allow to receive the client's reaction in the form of an answer to the posed question with 2 alternatives. You can geolocatedly link such notifications to your client's location at a particular time.

Loyalty program

The Bloomzed platform provides the ability to automatically manage loyalty programs of all levels of complexity. The service provides tools for processing and collecting data, providing reports, starting advertising campaigns, and flexible configuration of your organization's loyalty program.

It is very inconvenient to carry numerous bonus and discount cards with you. A more rational option is to digitize all cards and put their electronic versions into a mobile wallet. Bloomzed will help your clients turn physical cards into convenient electronic analogues. If your company does not have its loyalty program, we are ready to develop it on a turnkey basis.

In order not to waste your resources on technical tasks, use the Bloomzed Loyalty program. Integrate it once and in the future, apply the full range of tools that allow you to build relationships with clients. This will help you increase the effectiveness of the loyalty program, hence – strengthen relationships with clients and increase the stability of your business.

Bloomzed Loyalty includes the tools that allow you to work with all the sections and aspects of loyalty programs. This service is a unified processing center, which receives all information about transactions. It serves as one common store of information about clients and provides entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to form client loyalty and build stable, effective relationships.

How does the Bloomzed mobile wallet work with loyalty programs?

• Digitization of existing loyalty cards. If your client already has a loyalty card with a printed barcode, then to perform the digitization you need to scan the barcode using a scanner built into your wallet, or enter the number of the card itself. After that, the card with the barcode will appear automatically in the corresponding section. In order to improve recognition, the client can take a photo of the front part of his card and save it in his wallet. After digitization, there is no need to carry plastic cards. In order to get bonuses, discounts or accumulative bonuses, it is enough for the client to present at the cash desk the barcode of the loyalty card from the screen of his smartphone.

• Integration of balances of already existing cards. In order for a client not only to present a digitized loyalty card at the cash desk, but also to see data on written-off/accrued bonuses and the total balance on the card, it is necessary to integrate the loyalty program with your electronic wallet. After that, when scanning a digitized card at the cash desk, the client will see in real time all the bonus charges and accrued bonuses on it.

• Development of a loyalty program “turnkey”. If your company does not have its own loyalty program and wants to make the existing product more automated and universal or completely replace it, use our offer to create a new loyalty program "turnkey".

Managing the loyalty program through CRM

Almost all algorithms of the Bloomzed Loyalty service are configured to process information that accumulates during the functioning of your loyalty program. Therefore, we offer CRM along with the Bloomzed Loyalty package.

The primary data on a client comes into the system when he starts using your loyalty program. Usually, a client who has joined the service receives an identifier (for example, a loyalty card). To confirm participation in the program, he is offered to register in the system. Regardless of the method of conducting, registration has one goal – the receipt of contact information about the client into the database. This way a client profile is created linked to the card, or rather – to the bonus account of a particular client in the loyalty program.

Mobile store

With the help of the technologies provided by us, you can turn Bloomzed into your own mobile store, where clients can not only make payments (replenish the phone, repay loans, pay for utilities, buy tickets, etc.), but also acquire real services or goods directly in their wallets, making the payment and ordering the delivery. Create a separate tab of your store in the Bloomzed mobile application, so that all users of our service can make an order in a few clicks.

What benefits do your clients receive?

Quick authorization on a web resource using a smartphone
Easy payment in the online store without a plastic card, through the smartphone.
Possibility of accumulation of bonuses and their use when paying the next order.
Simplification of purchases on your resource, as there is no need to enter contact information and delivery address.

What can you buy from the Bloomzed mobile store?

• Remote pre-order with the receipt of goods in the sales outlet. In the section “Mobile store” of his wallet, the client chooses the products, services or goods necessary for him, pays by a card linked to a wallet, or by electronic money. By default, the nearest sales outlet is displayed on its screen, where you can pick up the order. This information can be changed manually. If desired, the client specifies the time when it is convenient for him to pick up and confirms the ordering. Then the client visits the sales outlet and, without standing in the queue, in the delivery zone, scans the stationary QR code with a scanner built into his mobile wallet. Into the program of the seller information is transmitted that the wallet to which the paid order is linked has appeared in the delivery zone. If the formation of an order has been scheduled for a certain time, and it is already ready, then the client can just receive the goods that he has bought. If the time is not specified during the process of registration, collection and issuance are carried out after the fact.

• Order of the goods with delivery. In his wallet the client opens the “Mobile store”, chooses the goods, services or products in it, pays for it with a linked card. By default, the delivery address specified in the client's WEB-passport is issued, if necessary, the data can be changed. Then the client indicates the desired delivery time and confirms the order. At the appointed time, the courier delivers the paid goods to the address.

Determination of sales outlet using geolocation

Mobile wallet allows to not only determine the location of the nearest sales outlet, but also to route, calculate the distance to it. Geolocation also helps you learn more about your clients, communicate with them not only at certain times, but also in the right place.

In fact, new opportunities of communication and effective interaction with clients are opened for you. Due to geolocation you can literally guess the desires of your audience, which will increase the loyalty of clients.

How does the geolocation service work?

All outlets of service and sales are marked on the map according to their coordinates. When you point to each such outlet, you get the necessary data about it: the work schedule and other features. By selecting a specific outlet, the user can see the distance to it, as well as the route (by car, on foot, by public transport).

Push notifications depending on the location of the client

If geolocation is configured, the client will be able to receive push notifications in his mobile wallet only when he is at a certain distance from the outlet specified in the mailing. This provides an opportunity for better targeting of the audience when conducting advertising campaigns, which raises the level of response (the percentage of visiting sales or service outlets).

Self-service at the sales outlet

With Bloomzed, clients can be cashiers, not just buyers. This speeds up the buying process, making it more interesting. Clients independently scan the barcodes of the desired goods and put them in the basket. On the smartphone screen, a receipt with a list of all items and the total cost is gradually formed.

Clients do not have to stand in the queue, wait for the goods to be scanned by the cashier. The latter only scans the client's wallet barcode. Payment can be made with cryptocurrency, electronic money or a linked card.

Where and how can clients make their own purchases?

• The client chooses the goods in the trading floor, scans their barcodes and puts them in the basket.
• A receipt is gradually formed on the mobile wallet screen. Certain items can be deleted.
• The client goes to the express cash desk, bypassing the queues at the usual cash desks. Here the cashier reads the unique QR code of his wallet directly from the smartphone, receiving information about the receipt. The client chooses the payment method in the wallet and pays for the purchase.
• The cashier sees the acceptance of payment and closes the receipt, checking visually the composition of the purchase.

Bloomzed provides other opportunities for businesses and individuals. We are constantly in the search, development, integration, introduction of new opportunities and technologies, useful both for private users, and for companies or entrepreneurs. In the near future, we plan to introduce a number of new software solutions and technologies.