What is Bloomzed?

By definition, Bloomzed is a high-tech software solution that has an open API and consists of a large number of software blocks that are integrated into a unified system. The Bloomzed unified system is designed to provide an easy connection of any technological solution, to manage both individual blocks and the whole system. The system is built, so that individual settings, disabling, updating, editing, extending capabilities and other options are available to us without stopping and/or slowing down the system as a whole.

Ready-made and ready-to-use technologies

Bloomzed Mobile Payment Module

This is a mobile payment module that supports NFC transactions with digital emissions, can interact with a POS machine when paying and WMS/UCPS, which allows you to manage cards. The module can be integrated into any existing application that runs under Android.

Bloomzed Universal Cloud Payment System

This solution is a cloud universal payment system that provides active management and storage of user accounts, provides support of the card's history and timely replacement of keys on mobile gadgets. The technology interacts with the issuer's information system, CTM and WMS, and is resistant to hacking of WMS.

Bloomzed Wallet Management System

This is the wallets management system that provides interaction of information systems of users and providers. It allows to maintain a database of users, their services and devices, and provides authentication of users and their mobile gadgets. Wallet provider supports the work of WMS, managing data via mobile applications and WEBinterface.

Готовые и подготавливаемые к использованию технологии

Bloomzed Mobile Wallet

A software platform that turns a consumer's smartphone into a unified wallet. The solution allows to make transfers and payments (including transactions for NFC and QR code), manage personal funds, make purchases in offline and online stores using a mobile phone, participate in loyalty programs, pay for transport, manage telecommunications services, etc.

Bloomzed Cloud Transaction Module

This is a cloud transaction module that provides the final authentication of cloud payments. It can function as a separate element or as part of UCPS.

Bloomzed E-Money

The solution is an innovative platform designed for the processing of electronic money. For consumers, it is a convenient tool for payment for services and goods; for retailers, it is an easily integrated efficient application that provides acceptance of mobile payments (offline and online).

Bloomzed Gift

With this platform of mobile gifts, marketers can reward clients in real time by sending them gift certificates in the mobile application or via SMS. Various certificates are available (for electronics, pharmaceutics, products, replenishment of mobile phone, etc.), which can be exchanged for related services or goods in offline and online stores. Such certificates are convenient by the fact that they eliminate the need to print leaflets or coupons. Received via email, SMS or pop-up message, they will always be available for the consumer and can be exchanged for the service/goods at any time of the day.

Bloomzed Retail

This is a hardware and software system that allows retailers to accept payments of any types: card, electronic, cryptocurrency, via NFC and QR code. With this solution, you can process payments through POS machines, cash registers or using a tablet. Sellers receive money instantly, and for buyers, shopping turns into an easy and enjoyable process.

Bloomzed E-Commerce

The solution allows to optimize the quality of customer service and is suitable for any mobile device. This module is particularly convenient for electronic commerce. It is a multifunctional platform that allows to accept payments, manage an Internet store, etc. Your client can be a person from any country.

NFC platform

This platform is designed to replace plastic cards with their digital counterparts in accordance with the requirements of tokenization of EMVCo. Due to the NFC Card emulation mode, all devices that support NFC (for example, smartphones) will be able to work as smart cards, allowing users to make purchases and make payments.

The scope of the NFC platform is wide, as this solution successfully replaces bank cards, loyalty systems and even keys. It also allows to buy tickets to theaters, transport, etc.

Biometrics and Tokenization

To supplement the security of HCE, authentication and tokenization technologies are used. Your primary PAN (account number) is replaced with a token linked with the “virtual cards” available in your mobile wallet. Only the marker is transferred via the mobile device into the trading system. This ensures the reliability of maintaining the confidentiality of your data in the bank. Tokens are not of interest to hackers, which contributes to the security of your data. In addition, we apply unique complex encryption, as well as obfuscation, which further increases the security of the Smart card when making mobile payments.

With the help of biometric authentication, convenience and security of payments can be improved. Instead of entering the PIN-code it is enough to place a finger on the touch screen – and the payment will be allowed. A face recognition technology is also available, which is considered even more reliable than fingerprint identification.

Our proposed mobile payment solution supports tokenization, HCE and reliable biometric authentication technology that provides maximum convenience and security to make payments in the portable mode.

QR code technology

Every mobile wallet has unique QR code. The presence of an appropriate reader provides the ability to read QR codes in just a few seconds.

Products of mReward Software House

The automated mReward platform allows to manage the software loyalty of all levels of complexity. It includes a set of components: an omnical user identification, CRM and bonus processing.

CRM mReward is a set of modules that provide the collection and processing of customer details, flexible settings of rewarding, carrying out of analysis and preparation of reports. It also provides introduction of advertising campaigns with permanent and temporary shares and communication with the customer database through various channels. The platform features flexible settings, which makes it easy to conduct all operations


Products of OZ Forensics

KYC-platform of OZ Forensics is designed to recognize the authenticity of digital images and documents, conduct biometric identification and provide protection against electronic fraud. It includes three blocks:

Products of Vision Labs

This developer introduced LUNA SDK – an engine that provides accurate highly-effective face recognition in graphics images and video streams. Real-time identification is possible.

In addition, LUNA PLATFORM is also available for users. It is a system that allows managing data to identify individuals and conduct verification. This platform is highly flexible when forming of scenarios for complex recognition of various levels of complexity.


Products of Idemia

This company holds top positions in the field of digital and biometric identification. Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) and Oberthur Technologies (OT) have joined forces to create a leader in this segment and provide users with the opportunity to connect, pay, interact, travel, go to work and even vote without encumbrance by means that have become available in the modern connected world.

Complementary activities are aimed at meeting the needs of the five core industries: telecommunications, security, identification, IoT and financial services. Due to the interrelationship, OT- Morpho has a unique technological experience and a wide global presence. The solution provides digital security, authentication, video analytics and the work with biometric data.


Products of Center for CorporateTechnologies

The developer has released M4Bank – the innovative software product that provides a set of solutions for conducting mobile commerce. This is a multifunctional, reliable platform that allows to manage multilaterally banking services remotely (through a customizable mobile application).

The product is highly technological and convenient, and meets all the requirements of international standards that are put forward to ensure the security of electronic payments.

Products of Company Hi End Systems

Company HES (Hi End Systems) was founded in 2010 by a team of top managers of international investment banks and large IT developers. At the moment, the staff of this company unites more than 60 highly qualified specialists who possess not only technical knowledge, but also considerable experience in developing solutions for the financial sector.

The basic direction of the company is consulting and creation of software for the financial sector. HES successfully cooperates with famous organizations and start-ups from the countries of North America, CIS and Europe.


What tools are used in the development of Bloomzed