Bloomzed participated in Profit Finance Day 2021

Bloomzed participated in Profit Finance Day 2021



Pandemic, the crisis in financial markets, fintech pressure - these are the trends that set the theme of this year's Profit Finance Day 2021, Kazakhstan's annual conference dedicated to information technology in the financial sector.

Participants and experts discussed how the financial world had to readjust and improvise in the new reality and change its attitude to modern trends and tendencies.

Oleg Chen, CEO of Bloomzed, also took an active part in the conference. He spoke about the ecosystem and mobile application that our company is actively developing:

"We are an electronic payment system, with the possibility to link any bank cards and pay for more than 5000 services. In addition, we are now setting up a route towards actively developing our B2B business direction. Legal entities will be able to conduct full-fledged settlements and all standard transactions 24/7 through electronic money in B2B cabinet, with built-in online accounting and other numerous functionalities.

One of the features of the system we are building is its openness. If your services are workable, ready to scale, there are successful cases and an established customer base, we are ready to integrate it into our ecosystem and share it with our consumers".

Oleg Chen also presented other Bloomzed's projects: a unique auction marketplace, offering an incredible opportunity to buy goods at a 95% discount;, a subscription-based goods service, saving time for its customers and taking care of their health; and Bloomzed Stars Awards, a large-scale cultural event.

Conference participants will be able to use a special promo code with a 50% discount to sign up for the bargain shopping club