How to get a quick online loan through

How to get a quick online loan through Kreditomat




We’ve all been in this situation when we run out of money, and the paycheck is some good time away. With Bloomzed, that ain’t a problem anymore: you can top up your e-wallet today with our new partner - Kreditomat. kz

Open the Bloomzed application, get authenticated in ‘Profile’ (if you haven’t already), progress to the “Top up” section, then ‘Top up with credit.’ In the following window, select the desired loan amount and term in days.

Kreditomat. kz offers you a microloan from 5000 KZT up to 138 000 KZT. After choosing the best conditions for you, send your application for approval. You will receive an answer within several minutes! If it is positive, the loan is processed instantly online, and the money will arrive on your e-wallet.

In the app, you can use it to pay for over 6000 services that Bloomzed offers, from taxes to topping up your phone balance.

In addition, there is an option to withdraw funds to a bank card of any Kazakhstan bank.

Bloomzed is modern, fast, and convenient!

How to get a quick online loan through Kreditomat. kz:

1. Open the Bloomzed application and click on the “Top up” button

2. Choose “Top up on credit” on the “Top up my wallet” page

3. Open the microloan conditions page. Select the necessary conditions and click on the “Next” button

4. The system will process your microloan application, and you will get information about the terms and conditions of the microloan you requested - online. If you are satisfied with them, click on the “Next” button

5. To confirm the loan, you have to enter the code from SMS, which you will receive right after

6. Read the offer

7. The loan will be instantly charged to your e-wallet

8. Please note that the loan payments are made according to the terms and conditions of the lending institution, on their website/appendix