People choose the best

People choose the best




For the first time, Kazakhstan is launching the annual Bloomzed Stars Awards to determine the "Best" in the country's entertainment industry. It is a joint project of two IT companies

The project is set to officially launch on August 1, 2021, and the voting campaign itself will run for 12 months. The countdown in days, hours, minutes and seconds has already begun on the platform:

The founder of this unique award is the e-money system, Bloomzed.

Organised by Roqet Lab, a marketing and advertising technology agency.

Choice of the year

The main mission of this unique award is to choose the best in Kazakhstan's entertainment industry through a democratic process of voting. The organisers need to stimulate public opinion to create a comfortable space where stars and their fans can interact.

You can cast your vote only through the Bloomzed app. Voting for the brightest, the most talented, the most creative, the most ambitious is possible in three categories:

- "Show Business,

- "TV and film industry",

- "Internet Stars".

A special feature of the project is that anyone can be nominated for the award. There is only one condition for this: the presence of more than 3 thousand subscribers in one of the social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, YouTube.

What are the benefits of such participation? Firstly, a real opportunity to expand your audience without much financial investment. Secondly, to become the desired object of "hunting" for journalists. Thirdly, to receive millions of coverage in social networks. And finally, the project offers a unique chance to collaborate with creative people, sponsors, advertisers, and to participate in reality shows and various special projects.

One of the slogans of the project calls for: "Make yourself known throughout Kazakhstan. Become the Best!".

To leave an application and cast a vote for your idol, it is necessary to go to the application via a link or a personal QR code. However, it will be possible to vote for a certain candidate in the nomination only once a day. Such an algorithm will equalize the chances of all participants, according to the organizers of the award.

More than a prize

The new People's Prize is a sign that life is returning to its usual peaceful course. According to the organisers, the presentation of this People's Prize is important especially now. After all, people are tired of the protracted situation around the coronavirus pandemic, quarantine and online events.

According to Karina Domaratskaya, a representative of the organisers, the Bloomzed Stars Awards will include the shooting of reality shows and exciting series of programmes about Kazakh artists, concerts and presentations of new creative projects.

"Voters will not only be able to support their idols, but also to meet them live, as well as take part in giveaways from sponsors. The nominees will receive millions in coverage, expand their audience and find new partners and advertisers," said Ms Domaratskaya.

The project has already been supported by cinema, TV, radio, internet and show-business stars such as Murat Muturganov, Zhamilya Serkebayeva, Malik Ruziyev, Dmitry Doronin, Lampy Orchestra, Diana Snegina, Roman Almansky and Dmitry Kutsel.

Nominee applications are accepted at

We remind you that voting will start on 1 August 2021