What is bloomzed e-wallet and how to use the mobile app

Bloomzed E-wallet - is a reliable financial tool for smartphones




The bloomzed e-wallet is an efficient way to pay for various goods and services via your smartphone. The system eliminates the need for multiple credit/debit cards, mobile banking accounts or carrying around cash. Instead, bloomzed will save time and even money for fees charged by various organizations for financial transactions.

Registration and Identification.

To start enjoying the benefits of the e-wallet. Firstly, download the app via Google Play and App Store. Then, enter a phone number registered to the potential wallet owner, and then enter the secret code in an SMS.

Users can choose to use the system both with and without identification. In the former case, the unidentified profile will not be protected from possible attempts by malefactors to take over the funds in the account. Another disadvantage is that there are some limitations on the transaction limits. If the user does go through the authentication procedure, they will be able to access the full version of the application without any restrictions.

Immediately after downloading, the user can go and top up his e-wallet. There are three ways of topping up the e-wallet:

- via Kassa24 terminal;

- by money transfer from any bank card in Kazakhstan;

- via QR or a bank transfer.

The last option is suitable when a user needs to pay for something urgently, and a friend who happens to be nearby can transfer the missing amount in a minute. Mobile Wallet also allows users to withdraw money to a bank card, but only if the user is identified and the transaction does not exceed 500 MCI (1458500 tenges) at a time.

Efficient financial assistant to a service.

One of the essential advantages that the e-wallet has is that it is easy to use. There is no need to remember the current account and login because the phone number is used for logging in to the account.

Users are also happy about the comprehensive list of partners who cooperate with the app. To the users, this means it is not only possible to pay at the supermarket, but also at online shops and to pay for services in the fields of:

- beauty;

- education;

- car service;

- entertainment;

- catering, etc.

The list is constantly growing, making bloomzed a handy assistant to simplify family budgeting.

Security issues deserve special attention. The developers have ensured that all data about the participants of the system remains strictly confidential. Thanks to the encryption technologies used, each client can be sure that his or her money will be safe and sound.
In addition to using the new generation of e-wallet for individuals, it perfectly fits the trend for small businesses. The reason for this is that the practice of QR codes widens the circle of potential customers.

More and more young people and business people are opting for contactless payment, not wanting to carry around a wallet, purse, or bag in addition to their smartphone. If a consumer discovers at the checkout that a merchant is refusing payment simply because the shop cannot handle contactless payment, the establishment could lose a potential customer. To not miss out on the opportunity to make a profit, small and medium-sized businesses prefer to expand their capabilities.

By connecting to bloomzed, a company becomes more attractive to those who are pacing themselves.